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AQA A Level Chem/Biol - like to share subscription fee for Exampro?

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gonetoseeamanaboutadog Thu 03-Mar-16 20:16:06

If you're doing the new syllabus for AQA AS/A Level without a school to pay for everything...

Exampro is part of AQA and makes up for the lack of past papers. But it costs in the region of £90 per user per subject.

Additional users can be added for £10.

As this is threatening to break our piggy bank, I wondered if anyone would like to share the subscription fee, say £50 each per subject or thereabouts?

Have tried to think how this could be risky over the internet but I can't come up with anything - looks like win-win if anyone is interested smile

ReturnfromtheStars Sat 26-Mar-16 14:59:43

Hi gonetoseeamanaboutadog,

I don't have much experience in A-level biology but in regards to chemistry:

In my opinion can actually get away with using a combination of exam papers from the old syllabus, youtube AQA chemistry channels and buying the AQA book which although expensive is till cheaper than £50 / per subject.

You just have to make sure to download the specification of each exam (free download) and check which topics are in AS level, check old exam papers against the specifications and solve the relevant questions. It can be a great research project for your child to identify current AS level topic questions from old exam papers and the next week they can actually solve them.

The only thing that cannot be found in old exam papers is the multiple choice questions, but you can find examples of those at other exam boards. Again, just make sure you get the topics right as other exam boards might distribute topics differently.

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