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Should I HE my 16yo up to GCSEs in summer?

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Ollyoscar18 Mon 29-Feb-16 13:39:47

Urgent advice much needed please! I'm desperate to know what to do with my DS as he is off school with anxiety/depression (made worse by being at school). Also has a number of ongoing health problems which he copes with. Has an EHCP in process of bring drafted. Wants to attend 6th form and do BTEC level 3 but his revision is virtually non-existent and I'm not sure he will get the necessary grades which will make his depression worse. The LA have said they'll fund home tuition up to summer to help facilitate him being successful in GCSEs but they can't find anyone suitable on their list of providers! Should I try to HE myself? I'm worried as I've got another child with SEN who takes up great deal of emotional/practical time. Plus I've got my own health problems. But I want my son to have every chance to succeed and move on from this chapter in his life. He has been referred to CAMHS but on long waiting list. Has no motivation to revise/study. It will destroy him to have to repeat yr 11 in order to attain the GCSEs needed for the BTEC course. May/June is fast approaching......hence any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks.

starpatch Wed 02-Mar-16 21:00:37

I'm not a home edder (yet) but did you see the information about interhigh ? It's online schooling if you thought it might help your son your LA would probably fund it

itsstillgood Thu 03-Mar-16 12:52:09

If you pull him out now you may well find that it is too late to enter exams for this summer as a private candidate.
If you want him to sit this year then you probably need to talk to school and LEA and see if you can agree a solution. Can he stay on school roll so he can sit exams there but school provide work to be done at home or send you the syllabus and give advice so you can support him?
Would it be the end of the world to come out now, have some recovery time and sit exams next summer? In the great scheme of life is starting college one year late a bad thing?

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