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Snapshot of hed life.

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oneboy3girls Wed 24-Feb-16 11:08:22

Please could you tell me what your dc did yesterday, what they learnt and your amount of involvement in all this Many thanks

ExAstris Thu 25-Feb-16 09:39:42

Tuesday, DH had the day off and we all went trampolining. Before we left I went over DC's Spanish vocab in a game with him (at his instigation). Then when we got back he was making pictures with magnetic shapes, a bit like basic tangrams (DH providing the required "Ooh yes, I see!" "Oh, a parrot!" "Yes, it is, isn't it?" etc at regular intervals :D). He then played on some educational apps - Numberjacks addition, one that's supposed to teach coding but looks more like Sonic the Hedgehog style thing to me smile, and some colouring, with no parental input. At bedtime we read a book on dinosaurs and talked about Eras and Periods of time (new learning), Pangea, carnivores, herbivores and omnivores (already known so I guess reviewing).

DC is 4 btw, reception age. I try and encourage maths, Spanish, reading and writing each day but we really follow his interests that day, so Tuesday I suggested he read a book to me, he declined, no worries. Wednesday he was more interested in English so played Teach Your Monster to Read with me, and with a little encouragement wrote some ways to write the ay sound, plus er and or on his little whiteboard.

MrsSimonNeil Thu 25-Feb-16 09:49:47

Yesterday dd 12 did independent reading, maths with supervision as she struggles with it, worked out the tube route for a trip to London we're going on tomorrow, researched the place we're going to and any other places she would like to visit . Through this she developed an interest in how the wax models are made at Madam Tussards and watched some YouTube videos on this subject. Then she wrote a blog post. Most of this required little involvement from me, other days she needs my input more ☺

jomidmum Thu 25-Feb-16 14:39:23

Hi! Mine are 11 and 13. This is today. We're currently living overseas in the Middle East, so we are much more home-based than we were in the UK.

11 year old: we start each day watching Newsround together and then discussing / exploring any topics they're grabbed by, particularly current affairs. She then tucked up on her bed and read for about half an hour. Next was the botany course she's doing: writing a creative story about the life of a leaf (she called him Larry Leaf!). Then she went out to play with other home ed children on her bike in the sunshine, followed by a maths section on Maths Factor, and 20 minutes on the Nessy website. Then she baked some cakes and is now out playing and cycling with her friends again!

13 year old: Newsround. Reading whilst resting on bed (a business book by Alan Sugar), then a maths module for IGCSE maths, about 45 minutes working on his course for the European Computer Driving Licence. Then he went out on his hoverboard for about an hour in the sunshine. Physics IGCSE course for about an hour.He's back outside again now and will probably be gaming online with his friends this evening.

We love home ed!!

ObiWanCannoli Fri 26-Feb-16 20:56:32

I have 4 dc aged 9, 7, 5 and 3 my middle ones have asd and even though they are high functioning they couldn't manage in school. So we withdrew at the end of year.

Yesterday my eldest two did 20 minutes of their maths workbook and twenty minutes of an English programme called Lexia. My eldest researched Canada she is making a scrap book and she read a chapter of her book from a book challenge list she asked me to make up. My 7 year old read his reading books Fox on a Box and This is the Flash. We all read about prehistory from an Usbourne history book and my youngest did some alphabet cards, they did 10 minutes of their workbooks on early number recognition and colours, my 5 year old did 15 minutes of Lexia.

Then around lunchtime we headed to the local museum until 5pm. We watched the Croods and read a chapter of the Hobbit then they played train tracks until they put themselves to bed.

It seems a lot but for the eldest it's about 2 hours and the youngest around an hour of work.

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