Not ready for chapter books. Need to practice phonics...Early reader series recommendations?

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Lelivre Sat 13-Feb-16 07:59:13

My daughter is five and keen to become a free reader. She is fluent at a level 5 ORT and almost fluent at level 6. Our library is very well stocked but I don't know what to move her onto. The choice is overwhelming for pre-reader probably 50 different series and thousands of books in this section. We have a few books on the go that we read together (non fiction and things like the BFG where she will take Sophie's part) but I'm looking for recommendations (ideally a series) that bridges the gap between reading schemes (phonics/ORT) and chapter books.

Because of her age she tires with too many words. But she's starting to read quietly by herself and I'm looking for the next thing...

Phonics has really worked for her but she needs to practice more complex decoding and develop confidence. Also some of these books are dull! What's good?

We only have current in print books at our library as they have just replenished their entire stock. So I don't recognise anything! I've tried searching for her age/key stage online and getting nowhere.

Any suggestions welcome. Thanks!

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Lelivre Sat 13-Feb-16 08:10:27

It may be correct to say 'early reader' not 'pre reader' I'm unsure! She is my oldest. In the library...there is a section that is post phonics, and aims at KS1/2 I think. It is separate to the normal childrens lending library, which we have found is too advanced for her to read unguided and overwhelming (off putting even).

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ommmward Sat 13-Feb-16 10:49:25

At that stage, Dr Seuss was a hit for us, as were the frog and toad books

Lelivre Sat 13-Feb-16 13:15:43

Ah yes, thanks dr Suess is there - the only familiar ones. There are some relaunched ladybird ones. I will check out the frog and toad.

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