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How quick did you/have you seen in confidence in yr child by home Ed?

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bacon Wed 03-Feb-16 14:22:47

Outline of current school: Church school with poor banding & reputation. Other local schools a bit better but LA wont pay for transport as its not the closest and we are rural. DS1 is yr 5, DS 2 is yr 2 both below average and DS2 who is 6 has very low confidence and has bad behaviour which has much improved. I am concerned by DS 2 going into Year 3 because the next teacher is known for endless sick leave and lazy teaching. My option is to pull them out for 1 year before DS1 goes into comp and give DS2 more tuition and boost his confidence. Also wont be able to spend much time out enjoying ourselves due to work commitments and will be able to afford tutor. That also beggars the question how much time do tutors need to offer a good all round education? Option 2 could be to boost education where the school is failing with a few evenings a week with a home tutor. PS we have been helping them more recently with homework but struggling to help when the barriers go up. Opinions please.

knittingwithnettles Fri 05-Feb-16 22:40:35

I think the confidence did come from the "enjoying ourselves" bit wink. I started out thinking it was all going to be about the chance to boost ds2's literacy (he was dyslexic and ASD) but quite quickly we found the benefits of home education were that lovely free feeling when you can meet people and run around outside at the numerous home ed groups....Ds2 and I did go on a few expensive trips (leaving other schooled children at home with dh) and it is surprising how much cheaper things are (even expensive things) off peak. Ds2 is now having paid tuition before he goes back to school with an EHCP which is yet to be finalised, but I think if I had looked at home ed being a long term plan, tuition would not have been necessary at primary level.

Ds2 is very much more confident now; he left school in a very anxious state about many aspects of learning, although naturally sociable; he is much calmer and more settled now.

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