Looking for suggestions for short term home ed project

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longestlurkerever Mon 25-Jan-16 14:24:45

I have to take my 4yo out of school for a couple of weeks. Neither of us are relishing the prospect but I'm trying to put a positive spin on it by thinking of some fin and educational activities we can do together. Trouble is we will be largely housebound (hoping to manage short trips out to eg the park) and have a crawling baby in tow. Any suggestions of activities / apps/ how to stay sane for a novice very much welcomed. She's on the cusp of reading/writing but is reluctant to practise so anything that makes reading /writing fun would be good. She's a sociable bean and I'm worried we will go stir crazy.

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DesertOrDessert Mon 25-Jan-16 15:11:24

I'd pick a topic, and go with that til she's ready for another topic.
Example: snow and ice. Cut out snow flakes, make a snowman (picture or sock, read any wintery books you have in the house (or choose them from the library if you can get there), make frozen ice lollies (and eat them!), see how to speed up icecubes melting - in small pots, leave one on the radiator, one in the room, and one in the fridge. Get her to predict (and write /draw) what she thinks will happen, and then keep an eye on them. Watch Frozen to give Mummy a break.

Minibeasts, dinosaurs and sea creatures are other topics we've had from school recently.

If you know what school she is going back to, could you ask what broad topics they are covering. You could then do that topic so she has covered some of the same material as her peers, all be it in a different way?

Would she "write" a diary for her time at home? Could be a picture, dictated words to you, something she has made (photo it if needed), or a few words of her own each day to remember these weeks?

Saracen Mon 25-Jan-16 15:21:17

Does she have a passion for something; can you build around that? Dinosaurs or outer space or jewelry or otters? Starting from any subject at all you can find all sorts of things to do. There's every chance that another HE family will be able to suggest some activities once you have your jumping-off point. What has your dd seen or done lately which filled her with enthusiasm?

longestlurkerever Mon 25-Jan-16 22:17:43

Thanks both. It turns out I may have jumped the gun and I don't need to take her out just yet, but may need to soon, so will store these ideas for later. Butterflies might be a good topic, and she's very interested in the northern lights/astronomy.

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Saracen Tue 26-Jan-16 01:05:46

We liked this: www.insectlore.co.uk/ They send you caterpillars in the post so you can watch them form chrysalids and hatch out. After keeping the butterflies for a little while you release them. They will only send the caterpillars during the right time of year so as not to have people releasing them in January to certain death!

You can buy the kit cheaper elsewhere instead of direct from Insect Lore. I still think £12 is a bit much, but my daughter loved it!

longestlurkerever Tue 26-Jan-16 08:30:33

Thank you! Her gm found a chrysalis last year and we watched it hatch out. It was a,brown moth though!

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