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WannaBurger2016 Mon 18-Jan-16 12:42:35

Any local HEers up for chatting to me about possibly HEing DD?

QueenStreaky Mon 18-Jan-16 20:29:11

I'm up this way. I don't HE any more (ds now at college) but still in touch with local home edders. What do you want to know?

WannaBurger2016 Tue 19-Jan-16 20:34:29

Amazing, thank you! Basically I was hoping to be able to chat to folk about how they manage their HE and particularly about what groups / social activities there are within the HE community locally.

DD not yet anywhere near school age but we are considering HE and if we decide that way it of course means I'm not going back to work for a while so there's some planning to do for that.

I was HE and very isolated; struggled massively with social skills when I eventually started school. The concerns RE social development are our main consideration at the moment.

QueenStreaky Wed 20-Jan-16 08:12:12

I expect you'll find things have changed considerably since your day smile. I've seen big differences from when we started out in 2008 - social media plays a big part now and that wasn't so prominent back then.

I'm still in touch with local home educators and I see online that there's far more going on than there was for us. Under 7s in particular have loads happening. There are some really motivated and organised planners in the community at the moment, always organising events and workshops. One big change is that many companies now have outreach education departments and they accept HE groups as well as school visits. A lot of that has come about because of enquiries from home educators over the years, I expect.

If you PM me I'll give you the link to the Tyne and Wear FB group. They're very welcoming, and you'll be able to go along to a meet with your child and see what you think. A lot of people start off like you, curious to know your options for educating your child and checking out HE to see if it's right for your family. I would definitely recommend joining that group and checking it every day to see what's happening. The beauty of FB groups for HE is that meets can be arranged spontaneously so you often see posts that say "Anyone fancy going to X today? We'll be there from 1pm if you want to join us", so if you keep an eye you won't miss things.

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