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foxy6 Mon 04-Jan-16 00:52:41

we are just starting our home educating journey with ds who is 8, and although i appreciate that he needs some time to deschool, he is keen to learn to read. he went to welsh medium school so they teach them to read in welsh until yr 3 when they learn in English, so he can read a bit but often gets his words muddled being half welsh and half English. he doesn't like books much, i tried the book advent idea to see if that would encourage him to like books, but it didn't really. he got frustrated at getting the words wrong. i read most of them to him. he had a tablet for Christmas so i was thinking of downloading some apps to help him read, something that he can start over with and that would be fun so he would realize so much that he was learning to read. thanks x

Saracen Tue 05-Jan-16 09:29:44

You say he's eager to learn to read but doesn't enjoy books. So what is it that he does want to read? Computer games, street signs, letters from relatives...? I'd start from there, whatever the motivation is. Motivation and interest are everything.

Many children I know have learned to read because they needed it for their computer games. But that doesn't necessarily have to involve an instructional app, if you see what I mean.

ExAstris Thu 07-Jan-16 03:57:16

We have found Teach Your Monster to Read very good. My DS1 is only 4 but I think the game will appeal to older kids too. We used the free online game version but I believe there is an app.

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