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Home schooling groups in Richmond upon Thames borough

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Twickemumem Thu 19-Nov-15 14:55:29

i'm unhappy with the state education available locally and therefore considering home educating my thirteen year old son. He is very confident and sociable and my main concern is to avoid him becoming isolated. Are there any other families or groups in the area home educating their children of a similar age?

Jacsquests Wed 25-Nov-15 17:30:58

I'm pretty certain there are. We've moved away now, but when in London, we used to attend a weekly home ed group every Thursday in Kew Gardens. It was a wonderful group, I think it's still active, though there's been changes since, with moves and new babies. If you're on FB, look up home ed in London, there's a group that could help. Also, lots of UK-wide groups to seek support from.

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