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Home ed 12yr old dyslexic help

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HoneyAnnie2 Wed 18-Nov-15 19:23:22

I am am still in the thinking about stages but am pretty convinced Home Education is the way to go with my year 7 dd. She has severe dyslexia and so can struggle to comprehend things and I am really hoping you can steer me in the direction of some workbook/websites that may help me. I have loads of ideas for topics and activities on things she really enjoys like history and nature but I am struggling to decide whether I will manage to teach her the stuff she will not want to do. I really want her to get GCSE's so we will need some structure to the day and she does love to learn.
Any help or advice will be gratefully received. Oh I am considering HE because she has never really fitted in with school and been bullied alot plus she gets very stressed and worked up about time restrictions and exams etc. Since starting senior school in September she now believes herself to be thick, stupid etc and her learning support workers have all commented on how she has no self belief or confidence in her abilities.

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