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Back to (home) school!

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Akallabeth Wed 23-Sep-15 14:17:28

This week has been our first week back doing 'school' work. And I'm tentatively going to say, it's all going great! The new timetable went up on the fridge Monday morning, and now both my DC are across the road in the play park, because they have finished work for the day grin

Originally I hadn't planned on taking a break over the summer holidays, but life intervened and a combination of staffing issues at work and us moving house meant in reality, the DC had a good month off. We are still living amongst boxes, but one of my first priorities was to get the books unpacked. As much as they enjoyed the break, my DC needed to get their routine back and so did I!

So far we are only doing our 'Block 1' subjects each day. These are the skill subjects, that happen every morning, Monday to Friday. So reading, maths, English and violin practise. That's the bare minimum that I expect each child to do, barring major illness or a trip out some place more interesting on a daily basis. It's no big deal though, an hour and a half and they are done. OK DD had a wobble yesterday and took that long over maths alone, but we worked through it and she flew through her lesson this morning in no time.

From next week I will be adding in 'Block 2' subjects, which I have almost finished prepping. These are the content subjects such as history, science, geography and French we have more flexibility about how and when they are done. Basically as long as the amount set for the week is done over the course of the week, that's fine. Only exception here is French, where I'd like them to practice some each day, mainly because DD wants to start taking exams in about a years time.

If all goes well, then the following week they will begin studying 'Block 3' subjects, which are basically anything else they fancy learning about. This year DD has mainly chosen things like art, art history and oddly IMO RE. DS will be coding mostly I'd imagine. They both will also work on their Cub badges too and I'll be doing a PSHE/social skills/citizenship lesson at least once a week. For all these subject they are free to do as much/little as they please each week, whenever it suits them, though not until they have completed their other subjects. However I have timetabled a slot for each over the week, when I am available to work through the subject with them.

So despite things going brilliantly so far, we have a little way to go yet, until our full home ed curriculum is up and running. I know from experience that it won't all be such smooth sailing. There will be days when the sun isn't shining and the DC won't always be skipping off to the park by lunchtime. They will complain and grumble at some point, as will I. But we will just keep on working through the issues together and in a way I'm looking forward to that as much as days like today!

Just wondering if they are any other home ed families on here that schedule their days like ours? Or are happy to share how they do things differently? I don't know very many other Home edders in RL so it would be great to be able to chat with others who at least understand what I'm talking about smile

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