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Social opportunities for home ed 15 year old

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Ollyoscar18 Tue 08-Sep-15 09:33:41

I am considering the very stressful decision of home educating my 15 year old DS who has just started Year 11 (long story for the reasons why we are considering it!) but am wondering what social groups or opportunities there might be for a boy of his age? We live on Cambs/Herts border and I'm not on Facebook which is where a lot of home ed local groups are. But I wondered if anyone could give me a bit of insight ahead of any decision we take. Thanks.

QueenStreaky Tue 08-Sep-15 17:46:14

Tbh I'd take the plunge and get on to FB if that's where all the local social arrangements are made. You never know what's out there. If you're not a fan of FB generally you can just stick to groups so you're able to protect your privacy.

As for socialising, I found it quite hard to find suitable events for my son (now 16, and off to college). Older kids, even those in HE, tend to make their own arrangements and aren't so keen on organised meets as younger ones are. My son did most of his socialising elsewhere - martial arts club, drama at the local theatre, science group, Youth Council. It might be worth thinking outside of the HE box and looking at things that he would have been able to access anyway had he still been in school.

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