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Toddler and Baby in the same room- help!

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Manoxlon Fri 04-Sep-15 10:47:02

Hi all, I'm teaching my 3y old at the moment- while keeping an eye on the 6m old baby when he's awake - and I find that the baby is becoming more and more of a distraction and my 3y old dd is struggling to focus... has anyone experienced this? What have you tried that has worked for you? Thanks

tbtc20 Fri 04-Sep-15 10:51:45

I haven't experienced this, but I think in your position I would involve the 6 month old in whatever you're doing with the 3 year old. I presume at this age, you're just playing with the 3 year old, after all playing IS teaching.

So, pass the 3 year old a coloured block and ask them the colour, then ask the 3 yo to pass the block to the baby who can play with it.

Same with building towers. You can count and sort and do all manner of things with both children.

If you want some one on one time with the 3 year old then you'll have to wait until the baby is napping. Hopefully you have a baby that naps for at least as long as you want your 3 year old to focus.

suspect I might have been sucked into a wind up

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