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Wolsey Hall vs other online study

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onlyoneboot Wed 29-Jul-15 19:09:34

Hi there, I'm home edding DD1 (15) and DD2 (12) from August, both have Aspergers, and the LEA are funding online study for them. Only one child in the area has this already and they use Wolsey Hall so that's what we're looking at.

I have looked at Interhigh but because DDs work well together I'm not sure the online classroom set up is what they need. Any other suggestions?

DD1 especially is ready for some structure, she's been out of school since January and, even though we've had some traumatic months, she's keen to move on. DD2 would have been starting secondary so choosing subjects is new to her.

Part of me wants to treat it as a trial run, maybe just pick a few subjects and see how we go, and part of me wants to make sure it's the 'right' choice. Also, we're in Scotland so the curriculum is also new to us.

Any advice welcome!

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