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What would your ideal home ed group be like?

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plasticinemachine Wed 15-Jul-15 19:18:26

Maybe you are lucky enough to already attend your ideal group, in which case, could you share why it works so well?

If not, could you share your vision of the perfect home ed group for your family. I know it will vary as everyone's needs are different, but I was wondering if there might be some common threads.

I'm looking for inspiration to start a new group in our area. Here are a few things to think over:
*what kind of venue?
*what kind of hours?
*Specific to age group of your kids or all ages?
* what kind of price would you pay?
*Activities/classes/structure or more geared to social?
*Drop off your kids or stay with them?


ommmward Wed 15-Jul-15 19:50:14

what kind of venue?

Lots of space, outdoor and indoor (like a village hall). The sort of space we can store stuff from week to week, but also where we don't have to make it totally spick and span before we leave. Has a kitchen with functioning stove, microwave, kettle.

what kind of hours?

You'll never get this right smile You just have to go with what suits your core people. 10-230 can be good - makes it doable for people with other children in school.

Specific to age group of your kids or all ages?

All ages (in practice, there is a iron cast division between groups for under 12 ish and groups for teens, IME, and the teens make that happen)

* what kind of price would you pay?*

At our group we all pay £4 per family, and that pays for hall hire. Lots of people bring along activities, and there is usually enough money in the pot to sub that when needed.

Activities/classes/structure or more geared to social?

Our group has a mix of free play plus always a craft activity, a science activity, and an active activity. Children join in with whatever they want. The activities are things that the adults want to do themselves smile Sometimes the "craft" is mass cookery. We get a visitor in about once every 2 months, to do something special and specific. There is often a theme to a week or a few weeks, but we let those emerge from the ideas that people have. The children often bring along an activity too; in fact, they often set the agenda entirely. Sometimes the active activity is a roller disco. This never gets old smile

Drop off your kids or stay with them?
Oh, stay with, definitely. It's a support thing for the parents, a way of building community for everyone, a way for children to get to know other people's parents well enough to feel comfortable going home to other people's houses in time. It means that the pressure of making it all happen does not fall on one person, but is shared by the community.

Nigglenaggle Thu 16-Jul-15 19:47:21

Outdoors ; flexible hours with a start time only ; all ages or at least with a sibling activity running alongside ; price depends on what is offered. Most things are under a fiver but it does depend on what is offered ; parents to stay with children

littlejohnnydory Thu 16-Jul-15 22:51:05

Venue with outdoor space and tea and coffee facilities (very important!). All ages. Cheap as possible. Definitely parents to stay with children.

I suppose for me it is the people that would make it "ideal". I'd want children that my dc have things in common with, plus adults who are laid back but don't let their children run riot. I'd like some ground rules so that it isn't total chaos, but the freedom to take or leave an activity depending whether children are interested.

plasticinemachine Tue 21-Jul-15 10:10:38

Thanks!! Sorry I didn't forget the thread but couldn't get online for last few days! smile

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