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Summer Holiday

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oneboy3girls Wed 08-Jul-15 13:51:50

If you he'd,what are your plans for the 'school holiday'?Eg Do you carry on as normal?Stay in,to avoid crowds?Do you make use of play shemes etc Do you see school friends?Do you try to have a good rest? Tia

ommmward Wed 08-Jul-15 17:39:52

A bit of holidaying. A lot of seeing school friends who come out of the woodwork like clockwork six times a year (3 half terms, 3 holidays). A certain amount of business as usual with HE stuff; actually it's june or July when lots of people go away, while it's still cheaper. A certain amount of hiding at home waiting for the schools to go back, yes.

We unschool anyway, so we are as likely to have an"educational" experience or conversation while on holiday as anywhere else; education and life are totally intermingled, so we couldn't exactly take a break from education.

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