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Sorting out childcare for HE kids?

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glazedandbemused Tue 07-Jul-15 23:23:43

Hey experienced ones,

I still need to work part-time once we start HE-ing and I know some of you have managed to organise childcare for your kids - so I was wondering how you went about finding the right childcare? My kids are 6 and 4 yo, so out of the traditional "nannying/ childminding" age-range, but I don't need after-school nanny/ childcare because my DH is home from 3pm. I only need 16 hours/ 2 days per week. So - any advice/ good places to look/ advertise? Things to definitely include/ mention?

Thanks so much!


Saracen Wed 08-Jul-15 07:41:52

I used childminders when I worked a few days a week.

You need to get the right one, of course, because some of them prefer younger children and have a better rapport with them. But many CMs would be fine with an older child. You could start with your local HE group and see whether there are any home educators who also childmind, or who can recommend a CM they have used / currently use. That would give your kids easy access to older children on the days when you work, and the CM might be used to taking kids to HE activities etc.

One thing to mention to any prospective CM is that you don't expect her to deliver education to your child. Many people assume that if childcare is provided during the usual "school hours" then the provider would have to educate the child, and that worries them. Assure her that you can educate your kids during the times when they aren't with her, and you are ONLY asking her to look after them.

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