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Has anyone used courses from Wolsey Hall?

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muminhants1 Wed 17-Jun-15 08:19:08

I am not home educating, but my son's school has decided that it will only offer one language at GCSE. My son is keen to do a second language and Wolsey Hall offers KS3 and IGCSE courses in German, which would then allow him to do A level German once he goes off to sixth form college. I wondered if anyone has used them and could recommend/advise on any drawbacks?

The one drawback I can imagine is that the IGCSE exams could clash with his school GCSE exams, but we might be able to get round that by doing a Goethe Institute exam instead, as long as the sixth form college accepts that in lieu of GCSE.

I know there are other providers, but they don't offer German. He's doing Spanish in school and would prefer to do German over French as we have friends there and I speak it fluently so can help him.

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