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Are there any GENUINE free online IQ tests for children?

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MythicalChicken Sat 09-May-15 04:43:54

My poor son. I made him sit at the computer and do 200 questions for an online IQ test which said it was 'FREE' and at the end, it said, "now ask Mom or Dad to pay with their credit card for the result".

I felt so bad for him - 200 questions! Took him ages. So I am looking for another one that is genuinely free. Does anybody know of one? Thanks.

TurnOverTheTv Sat 09-May-15 06:00:05

Why would you make him do that??

caravanista13 Sat 09-May-15 06:59:17

Why?! Totally pointless.

Nigglenaggle Sat 09-May-15 08:46:37

Why do you want to know his IQ? Does he wish to join Mensa?

noblegiraffe Sat 09-May-15 08:59:08

If you want a genuine IQ rating then he needs to sit a proper test, not some online scam. Mensa run them if you think he might be a genius, but they cost.

Anything free and online will not be seen as accurate or reliable.

iKnackered Sat 09-May-15 14:43:58

Google local Ed Psychs. A proper IQ test and Achievement testing will be about £500.

Coyoacan Sat 09-May-15 15:31:04

I thought IQ tests had been shown for the fraud they are many years ago.

Galvanized Sat 09-May-15 15:38:29

IQ tests test whether you are as bright as the people who set them. They aren't a good measure of anything. This thread is sad.

balletgirlmum Sat 09-May-15 15:38:37

The problem with assessing IQ is that it has to really be done by an educational psychologist who can analyse the results properly.

We paid around £500 for dd but it was part of an assessment for ASD & included a report on the implication between the differences between different types of HER IQ

DuncanQuagmire Sat 09-May-15 15:41:15

IQ tests are silly

Miggsie Sat 09-May-15 15:48:23

IQ tests for children are not a good idea as the ability to even interpret the questions will affect the outcome.
Also IQ test results vary massively by age and you can have your child sit the tests year on year and find a massive change of over 10 points!

IQ results stabilise as the child gets older and I wouldn't recommend a test before 16.
Private schools run CAT tests (cognitive ability tests) which are similar to IQ, though a lot of them show how good you are at passing tests and not much else. As the scores are normalised for average age a tutored child is likely to show as higher IQ at 7 than a non tutored child and then the scores will change again when they are adults.

chocolateyay Sat 09-May-15 15:54:19

You can get kids Mensa questions from Mensa.

IQ tests are a useless concept though. I scored quote high when i was 'done' years ago and still gaffaw at that when trying to find my car keys or glasses, or remember what day it is.

Coyoacan Sat 09-May-15 16:30:53

I just love Mensa. How this group of people with supposedly superior intelligence managed to give their organisation a name that means stupid in the second most widely spoken language in the world is beyond me.

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