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Views on First College and online digital learning

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pog1 Thu 19-Mar-15 19:19:44

My son is 10 and has Aspergers. He is year 5. We have been looking into home schooling and are interested in the online schools. At 10 he is too young for InterHigh (he can start there but would have to do year 7 work and he wouldn't keep up). I tried to contact Briteschool (calls and email) but I haven't had a reply. However First College did get back with a great response. Does anyone have experience of First College or know how else I could contact Briteschool so I can compare? Thank you

fraggleroc Sun 21-Jun-15 17:32:56

First College only uses a text format to communicate between students and teachers. Kind of like using the Mumsnet forum. If you prefer a more interactive kind of environment, like live speech and the ability to speak during lessons using microphones, and online whiteboards etc., then don't go for First College. Interhigh and Briteschool lessons are more interactive.

ommmward Sun 21-Jun-15 18:30:00

Why not give him 15 months of home education with you, child led, and lots of helping him with social stuff by giving him safe and nurturing opportunities? (home ed groups tend to be full of children on the autistic spectrum - my experience is that they can be really accepting, welcoming places, where children learn how to interact successfully with others without that playground ghastliness of normality reigning supreme). Then if he and you still think it's a good plan, go Briteschool or Interhigh when secondary school age hits.

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