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Experience of using new Singapore Maths UK edition

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ultraviolet11 Sun 21-Dec-14 09:47:14

Hi I'm looking into a maths curriculum for DC. Thinking about Singapore Maths but all reviews are for the old US edition. Has anyone used the new UK version from Mathsnoproblem? Also there is no home instructors guide or teachers guide with the UK versions. Will this be an issue to teach correctly?

holeinmyheart Mon 22-Dec-14 00:00:10

Can I recommend Khan Academy. Com ? You can set yourself up as DCs coach and monitor what they have done. It has videos and interactive scratch screen so they can use their fingers to work out on the screen. ( saves paper) It is absolutely free.
Also IXL. Com lays out the whole years curriculum that you might expect from year I upwards, Uk to cover. It lets you use it for half an hour a day free and then you have to pay. It has badges to obtain and interactive questions to answer. It reports back to parents etc etc. it makes a satisfying 'Wow' sound when they get something right.
I like Khan Academy because it has videos but IXL ( Maths is fun ) and has great graphics.
I fail to see how anyone could be bad at elementary Maths with those two sites on the web.
I do love Maths though myself.

ultraviolet11 Wed 07-Jan-15 19:28:18

Thanks for the recommendations. I was always under the assumption that online programs are used to practice maths skills rather than teach them. I will look into them both a bit further.

holeinmyheart Thu 08-Jan-15 09:17:54

No, Khan Academy teaches Maths. IXL and Maths is Fun do as well, but are not free.
Some schools in the UK use Matheletics and their own intranets. They might call their intranet different names such as Moodle etc.
There are many learning resources on the net where they have experts to consult ion the end of a chat set up, but they are not free.
My fav is Khan Academy.

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