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Home Educating against fathers will

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yesimaman Wed 10-Dec-14 11:35:01


I'm a separated parent with two girls, my daughters mother is effectively the "full time" parent I title I hate by the way! As I don't see myself as part time by no mean, anyway their mum has recently discussion the option of Home Educating our 5 year old, she's not happy with the school and the its demographic, and has been on a waiting list for another school for about a year now.

The school isn't my first choice but I don't feel its letting my daughter down in any major ways, she's bright and has reported to be one of the best in her class.

The problem is I have too many unanswered questions regarding Home Educating yet their mum is steam rolling I think she's fixed on the idea and has convinced herself its the best option. Obviously this is a massive decision and I'm trying to remain objective however I'm not sure my concerns are taken seriously.

My question is does the mother need my permission to take our child out of the school system? or can she just continue to do what she feels is best without listening to anyone else point of view even her child's dad? What can I do if anything?

GetMeOut Wed 10-Dec-14 16:32:00

I would suggest having a look at the website for the coram children's legal centre as they have a useful article on parental responsibility which comes into play in cases like this, I believe

Saracen Wed 10-Dec-14 16:40:06

Hi yesimaman!

I'm sure some people with direct experience (i.e. single home ed parents) will come along soon to give you definitive answers.

As I understand it, the question of whether you have Parental Responsibility for your daughter is relevant here: do you know whether you have?

When parents who are in the same position as your daughter's mum come along to home ed forums, they are usually advised to try to discuss matters with their child's other parent in order to see if they can come to an agreement. Perhaps if you can gently nudge her toward some other HE parents (online forum or local group), they will encourage her to talk to you about it rather than disregarding your concerns entirely?

Meanwhile you can do some research of your own which will answer your general questions. Obviously it would be best if you can talk to your dd's mum about how home education would affect her as an individual, but I'm sure you also have some general questions about how it all works and what the advantages and disadvantages are. You could ask us here, or go on another HE forum. You could also get in touch with a local home ed group to see whether someone would be willing to meet up with you for a chat. In my area, for example, there are regular pub meetings which provide a good opportunity for parents who are considering home ed to come along and discuss their concerns.

I expect your dd's mum will be more open to discussing things with you once she has seen that you are making a good effort to understand home education and are not dismissing the option out of hand.

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