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IXL vs Beestar, the pros and cons?

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Rose2015 Thu 04-Dec-14 10:28:54

I am looking for a home learning website for my daughter. If anyone around here is familiar with either IXL or Beestar, I would appreciate any advice from you.

Jennifer007 Thu 18-Dec-14 11:27:48

My dd likes to use Beestar better. She didn't like IXL's pushinement policy. For just making one mistake, she had to pay price by doing many repetitive questions.
Beestar, instead, helps her build confidence for math. Beestar's math program is free but its weekly practices are valuable. I like to watch dd doing those math questions and I surprisingly found the questions almost cover every math skill she needs to learn during that week. That's why she doesn't need to spend too long time completing the work but can fully master all the skills.
Different from IXL, Beestar's reward system keeps children motivated. It offers weekly ribbons and honor roll, very impressive. DD likes to meet other smart peers on Beestar. Although she's top studnet at her school, she finds there's alwasys room to improve. Now she is planning to join its GT Math program.

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