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Teaching Letter Formation - Help Please!

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XmasShoppingAllDone Mon 27-Oct-14 23:28:37

Hi MNers

I'm HEing my 4 1/2 for what would have been her reception year. She's got a Yr1 place for next September.

She's very bright and enthusiastic, loves learning about everything. She's reading independently. So my job is pretty easy. smile

What I do need to keep on top of though is her letter formation. She knows what 'shape' to write the letters, but I need to move her on to putting them in the right place, having all the sticky up and dangly down bits (technical terms!!) the right height/length etc.

Does anyone know where to get some lined books, or a sheet to download, specifically for learning letter placement? I've googled but can't find what it is I think I need. I'm drawing lines on plain paper but it just looks a mess!

Any suggestions gratefully received!!

Pipbin Mon 27-Oct-14 23:32:48

Try twinkl.

It's ascenders and descenders for the up and down bits.

XmasShoppingAllDone Mon 27-Oct-14 23:43:03

Thanks Pipbin... I knew they had proper names! blush

Coffeeinapapercup Tue 28-Oct-14 06:12:42

Try paper with three lines. Ascenders go into the sky. Descenders go under the ground. The rest sits on the ground (line). If you get really enthusiastic you can colour them blue green and brown respectively.

a isba really important letter because it is the basis of q,p,d,g, and b

Coffeeinapapercup Tue 28-Oct-14 06:15:01

Also do lots of work on pincer grip

Pipbin Tue 28-Oct-14 08:27:10

This one on twinkl has the ground, under ground, sky thing on it.

BlackeyedSusan Fri 31-Oct-14 22:49:51

if she has a place, ask the school for a copy of their leter formation. believe it or not they can be very different! (unless gove has standardised it in the last few years)

bearwithspecs Sat 01-Nov-14 22:36:22

Pocket phonics on iPad is excellent . Then practice with a pencil

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