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Charlotte Mason for older children - anyone tried it?

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Swanhildapirouetting Mon 23-Jun-14 15:21:30

Ds2 is quite a handful, he has ASD and is dyslexic and although he's bright and interested he is not someone who concentrates for long if he finds something difficult or exasperating.

In otherwards he is used to the structured world of the classroom to do any sort of formal work, although that has also held him back in some ways.

I am really beginning to doubt my ability and my strength to home educate him in an unschooled setting and although I know online schools can provide structure I also long for him to be outside more, and OFF the computer.. I also want to improve his literacy skills. Are the two incompatible?

any ideas- a friend follows the Charlotte Mason framework but that is for younger children and there are three of them. Ds2 is 12.

I've posted before - just beginning to feel that cold sweat that we will start the first weeks of home schooling, give up our school place and ds will refuse to do anything except complain he is "bored" and there is no-one to play with or see. My other problem is a Dh who works from home and will want to see some "evidence" of learning, although he has also stated he is delighted for me to home educate ds2 and that he is sure I will be brilliant at it confused

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