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West London Home Educators Yahoo group

(8 Posts)
Swanhildapirouetting Mon 26-May-14 11:33:15

I am a technical ignoramus. I've sent two messages to Yahoo West London Home Ed to join their group, because I'm interested to see what is available if I was to educate ds2 from home next year. But so far no response.
Presumably I just wait a few days?
Or is there some link I should have pressed.
I have a Yahoo id,and a gmail.com account but no microsoft id or any other messaging service.
What am I doing wrong?

Swanhildapirouetting Mon 26-May-14 11:35:25

And I don't want to go via Facebook because I'm not sure what my privacy settings are.

Saracen Mon 26-May-14 11:56:12

Yes, I'd wait a few days first. It's very likely that you've done it right but the human moderator who has to approve your membership is busy or on holiday. As far as I can see, the moderator of my local group tends to do it once a week or so, approving a number of new members in a batch all at once.

If you don't get any joy, try posting here or on another national HE list to find a member of that group, and they should be able to help you. Don't give up, I'm sure it isn't because they don't want you!

Swanhildapirouetting Mon 26-May-14 12:18:08

Thanks, I will wait a week or so grin

Swanhildapirouetting Wed 28-May-14 22:50:22

they've rejected me shock grin but I understand; it is due to confidentiality. They need me to be home educating first..

Saracen Thu 29-May-14 11:01:13

Oh what a shame! I forgot that some groups do that. I can understand their reasons, but it makes life very difficult for people who need more information and support to help them decide whether to home educate. And also for people with children under five, who are often undecided whether to send their kids to school and could do with something to counterbalance all the pro-school impetus around them.

I wonder whether there are any other groups nearby which are open to people who are considering HE?

Swanhildapirouetting Thu 29-May-14 15:18:16

It's alright Saracen. I do have a mole anyway, an old acquaintance I can ask.

Saracen Thu 29-May-14 15:25:01

Ah that's good. Maybe your friend could put you together with a few individuals who would be happy to meet up for a chat and play.

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