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Education city?

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bebanjo Mon 07-Apr-14 22:28:56

Hi all, dd has been using reading eggs and math seeds since the new year.
She has finished math seeds and wants to do more. She does not want to do work books but likes using the I pad.
I was going to move over to education city next year when reading eggs runs out.
Is education city any good?
Dd is 7.
We only want it for math at this stage.

JamesTobysMum Sun 15-Jun-14 17:17:24

We have just started a subscription to Education City after doing Reading Eggs. Education city is quite different. Where Reading Eggs is a staged progression of lessons for reading, Education City is a dip in and out of different subjects and tests. Where reading eggs teaches and tests, Education City is more tests and competitions against other children. I think its a good next step for us. My boys 5 and 8 can read well now and we need to work on spelling and maths so Education city is great. It has taught then though practice to tell the time very well, and also all the practice on general addition is fab! My friend code will give you 3 months additional access when you subscribe B6795C2F. Have a free trial and see if you like it.

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