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Anyone else thinking of home-educating until a school place is available?

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Rivanshine Wed 02-Apr-14 16:25:58

Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum and wondered if anyone else is in our situation? Any advice and/or support would be great as sometimes we find ourselves getting a bit too stressed about things and don't know what to do for the best!! We live in Essex and our eldest daughter is currently still attending her primary school and is in Year 1. My husband and I were separated for a year in 2011/2012 and (luckily!) when we got back together we moved 3 miles away last year for a fresh start. However, it now costs us about £30 per week to get her to school on the buses - with me and her little sister in tow (we're not eligible for the taxi to school). Our youngest daughter is about to start Reception in September at the primary school just round the corner but I haven't been able to get her sister a place despite going through 2 applications and the appeal process etc. We were told that they couldn't go against the legislation of only 30 children to a class in Reception, Year 1 & Year 2 unless there were extenuating circumstances. Well, as you can guess, our daughter didn't meet any of the criteria so she's languishing on their 'continued interest' list. As she's only 6 years old she doesn't easily understand why she can't go to school down the road and is starting to get upset about her little sister going there without her. I've been discussing with my husband about de-registering our eldest at the end of the summer term and home educating her from September when her sister goes to full-time school.......until a place becomes available, or we can apply using the 'sibling rule' in reverse in time for Year 3 - whichever comes first really!! Has anyone else successfully tried this approach and prevailed? If so, how did your child/children do being educated at home and then when/if they went back into a school setting afterwards? At the appeal hearing the independent panels answer to it was to either: move back to where we were and have both girls at the same school or move our eldest to the nearest other primary school with a vacancy and move her again if a place becomes available at our nearest school in the future. The problem with all this is firstly, we can’t afford the rental prices to move back to the area we used to live in, secondly, I’d be far more worried about shunting our eldest from pillar to post and the potential damage that could cause (I went to 5 different schools myself because my family moved around a lot when I was younger and it’s no picnic!) and thirdly, my gut feeling is if we continued to take her to her current school for another year there’s a possibility that eventually she’ll change her mind and won’t want to move schools at all and I have the pickle of having our girls in two different schools and potentially even two different secondary schools after that!! Where will it end I wonder as I can’t be in two places at once can I?? It’s a big dilemma, and like I said at the start, any advice or support would be gratefully appreciated!! Thank-you smile

ToffeeWhirl Wed 02-Apr-14 19:10:37

Home educating your eldest DD sounds like a very sensible decision. The only possible issue might be that your younger DD wonders why she's taken to school and her big sister gets to spend all day with you, but you'll just have to explain that she still has to do schoolwork at home and will be joining the same school as soon as a place becomes available. And hope that your younger DD loves reception so much that she wants to go anyway.

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