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De-registering from a private school

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Kidsncats Tue 18-Feb-14 22:04:59

Is there a difference between de-registering from a private school vs a state school?
How do we go about it?
Do we send a letter to the school saying DC is leaving and then a letter to the LEA? I really do not wish to let the Head know that we are leaving to home ed, so can I say we are leaving and then contact then LEA ourselves. DC will leave at the end of this term...and yes, we'll forfeit next terms fees as we should really give a full terms notice. What is the time frame we need to contact the LEA?

FionaJNicholson Tue 18-Feb-14 22:18:52


Are you in England?

You aren't under any obligation to tell the local authority that you have begun home educating.

With a private school you will just be giving notice that you want to terminate the contract (with whatever notice period specified) You don't have to give a reason why. (They might think you are moving, can't afford the fees...all kinds of reasons)

It is different when you are taking a child out of state school.

In your written notification to the state school (which takes effect immediately) there are a number of prescribed grounds on which a child's name can be removed from the school roll, and home education is one of them. So that's why you give a reason.

Kidsncats Wed 19-Feb-14 07:44:51

Thank you! Yes, we are in England. We just need to word our letter to say that we are giving a terms notice (as per the contract), but removing her on X date which happens to be the last day of the spring term.

completelybonkers Wed 19-Feb-14 09:38:18

We did the same as you a year ago [ie, left a private school at the end of the spring term without giving a term's notice]. Initially we didn't offer the information that we were going to HE but the head was keen to meet with us to discuss our reasons for leaving the school. We did so and, during that conversation, the head inevitably asked which school our DC would be attending. We were straight with him. He was surprised but non-judgemental. TBH, as much as anything I think he wanted to know if we were going to a "competitor"!

We also chose to notify the LEA as, in our opinion, we had "nothing to hide" and, should we ever need their support in the future, we didn't want to burn our bridges. [I am well aware that others have a very different opinion about this issue and I totally respect that each family must do what is right for them.] In the event, they offered a home visit - which we willingly accepted - and that was that. The "HE inspector" told us that, due to funding cuts, she wouldn't visit again but she was very enthusiastic about the work we were doing, wished us luck and left her phone number in case we wanted any advice. That was that and we've not heard a word from the LEA since.

We've never looked back and I hope the same is true for you, Kidsncats.

Genesis2000 Wed 19-Feb-14 16:46:05

We left a private school three years ago. Didn't notify anyone and to this day we have not been in contact with the LA. Its your choice really if you want to get the LA involved. You aren't under any obligation to notify the LA as Fiona rightly points out.

Kidsncats Wed 19-Feb-14 17:10:05

Completely bonkers...did you pay the summer term fees as well? We're obviously tied into the terms notice, but I am loathed to part with all that money, but for the sake of DC, it is worth losing the money.

completelybonkers Wed 19-Feb-14 18:14:13

If you'd like to PM me I'd be happy to explain what happened in our situation but I'd rather not go into detail "publicly" if you don't mind.

JOJOHNSON23 Tue 25-Feb-14 19:02:36

Completely bonkers, could you PM me about your experience? I have two children in private prep school and am really disheartened with it all. I've given notice to the school as we are moving area but am thinking of home schooling rather than start them somewhere new. I feel a bit out on a limb with this choice as it's not the 'normal' one and I know friends and family will judge me. sad

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