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Home Ed Newby, Taking Her Out of School - Legally, Do I Need to Do More ??

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RockinHippy Tue 11-Feb-14 20:54:05

Just that really smile

I'm hoping its a temporary measure as we have viewed another school, & there is one yr 6 place, but realise the timing means we are unlikely to get a start for next term & its become too desperate a situation with her current school to leave her there any longer as its having a scary affect on her health/self esteem.

HT of current school said that I just need to send a very short email to the school telling of intend to remove her from that school.

Is that really it ?

Or is there more I need to do ??

Thank you smile

Saracen Tue 11-Feb-14 23:26:23

(Hugs) sorry to hear your daughter is so unhappy.

Wow, a headteacher who bothers to check the law! If you are in England or Wales and your child is not at a special school, the head is right.

Just to be on the safe side, I would send a paper letter (or else email, then print the email out and post it also). The law says you must "write" to the school and some people have argued that an email doesn't qualify. Also, it is best to ensure the letter is correctly worded. (You have to say that the reason you want your child's name removed from the register is that she is being home educated.) It's just less hassle if you make sure to do it correctly. Here is an example letter:

Your daughter does not have to return to school; there is no notice period required.

Good luck!!! I hope you are able to find a suitable school, or that you and your daughter enjoy home education and her health improves quickly.

LynetteScavo Tue 11-Feb-14 23:30:18

The HT is correct, but I've never personally met one who gives in that easily!

Well done for doing what is best for your DD. Wishing her all the best for the future. smile

RockinHippy Wed 12-Feb-14 08:55:08

Thank for that, big help smile

Correct format email sent & signed hard copy to drop in today - phew

I'm not sure if the HT has given in so easily because she thinks DD will be going to another school as soon as possible, or because she genuinely sees the effect its all having on DD, which she has commented on. Also over the years, Ive also had to become THAT mum & as its now a problem with a new teacher, rather than other DCs bullying DD (& we've had plenty of that not effectively handled, until I went way above schools head) & she knows from past, I am trouble with a capital T, she is genuinely a nice woman & I think the fact she's leaving the school herself, speaks volumes. Though I'm not dumb enough to think that being nice will get you to the top in that particular profession & I'm very aware there is likely some manipulation going on in the hope of stemming a formal complainthmm but I do genuinely like the HT.

DD will be in school for the rest of the week, mainly to say goodbye to her friends & teachers who have been good to her, but only because they've agreed she has no more classes with this teacher, which is meaning late starts, which is a bit of a blessing too as she barely sleeps anymore & is exhausted.

Scary times, but I couldn't let it carry on this way & its a big relief too, though I'm worried about H.E. as I have health problems myself, Ive a feeling dumping the major stress we've both had to deal with will make a huge difference to my own health too smile

Thanks for the info & good luck wishes smile

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