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Interhigh school for Year 10

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pickledumpling Tue 11-Feb-14 14:33:31

Would very much appreciate any comments reviews regarding Interhigh school for igcse/GCSE year 10/11. My daughter is desperately unhappy in her current non selective private school which has changed (for the worse!) since she started there a few years ago. Pupil numbers in her year group have increased twofold, class size larger, and a huge number of boys have joined. Staff seem incapable of dealing with the bad behaviour of some of the pupils and the introduction of boys has only added to the problem! Thank you.

AMumInScotland Thu 13-Feb-14 21:05:18

Hi, DS was at Interhigh for those years - it worked well for him, though you have to remember that it really only covers the academics and she'll still need to do other stuff, like socialising, exercise, 'creative' things outside of it. Class sizes are small, and they were good at handling the one 'disruptive' element in DSs class by 'taking him out' of the classroom so the others could get on with their work while the teacher had a word separately.

It does need them to be self-motivated, but if she is that anyway, then I think it's a good option.

bochead Sat 15-Feb-14 13:40:49

Do take the time to look at too. The two schools have a similar offering, but a different ethos to each other and slightly different exam offerings. It's worth comparing them just to see which "feels" better for your child iykiwm. Just like Brick built schools online schools seem to come in different flavours. The timetable for one may suit your families schedule better at one or t'other too.

mumof4darlings Sun 16-Feb-14 17:12:18

My daughter is now now in year eleven.she has been very happy at interhigh.lessons are engaging,students in her classes have always been great. There is a great feel to the school.they have a meet up once a year in Brecon.This year they are making the break even longer as the students love it so much, they are going to produce a show to perform in a few days. If there is anything specific you would like to know, I would be happy for you to pm me.

Madmum24 Tue 18-Feb-14 08:12:18

i have looked into it, but is it true that they only teach up to core levels, ie only up to grade C?

AMumInScotland Tue 18-Feb-14 12:01:34

DS certainly got As and Bs for some of his subjects, though that was a few years back now (How time flies!) so I'd guess you need to ask them directly to be sure of the current situation.

mumof4darlings Wed 19-Feb-14 08:39:53

No students are achieving A's. not sure where that info came from about only getting c grades.

mumof4darlings Wed 19-Feb-14 08:40:04

No students are achieving A's. not sure where that info came from about only getting c grades.

Madmum24 Wed 19-Feb-14 15:56:46

i was sure that i read that on Interhigh website, ie that it taught up to core level. is there anywhere that i can get grade statistics from Interhigh? i emailed them but did not get a response.

AMumInScotland Wed 19-Feb-14 16:09:31

I don't suppose there is anywhere that their results would be published - each child is an independent candidate as far as the exam centre is concerned.

And it's hard to know if statistics alone would tell you much, since their intake is so unusual.

From a sample size of 1, I can say that DS got the same sort of results in his IGCSEs through Interhigh as I would have expected from him from his previous bricks-and-mortar school, and to how he has done since, back in school and now at Uni. I know that doesn't tell you how your child would do, but I'm not sure that much can beyond an overall feeling that the school environment looks like something that would work for him/her.

Try emailing them again, they're usually very good about replying.

fideline Mon 24-Feb-14 19:40:40

Have PMed you

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