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home ed ? i am sceptical it would work for us but would like advice please

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thriftychic Wed 09-Oct-13 23:20:55

thankyou will have a look at those links smile

julienoshoes Wed 09-Oct-13 14:25:14

Home Education doesn't have to look anything like school does.
It certainly didn't for our three who were 13, 11 and 8, when we deregistered them and they hated anything to do with formal education.

much of the geography in our house was learned from having a world map up in the bathroom, that the children often observed whilst brushing their teeth and asking us questions...
and from traveling round the country on trains to visit their HE children seem to know a whole lot more than their schooled cousins of the same age
Essentially anyway that engages you in learning, is educational if you follow a more informal path.

for example 'History' here was mostly covered by Horrible Histories books, magazines and TV show -as the children chose, and then later as their interest was piqued, they read books and watched films and followed with interest the story of the recovery of King John's remains in that car park, especially as my son was at Uni in Leicester by then...

They astonish me still with the amount they know

Dr Alan Thomas did a short interview for us, explaining this highly efficient way of educating

Alan Thomas has also written books on the subject of informal learning as he has researched this type of education in the UK

There is a whole movement of autonomously HE families within the HE community in the UK.

If you are interested send me a PM and I can point you in the direction of support for this style of HE here

thriftychic Wed 09-Oct-13 12:14:31

ds2 is 14 and in year 10 at school . he was diagnosed with AS last year . His main problem at school seems to be motivation , he just doesnt seem to want to learn. I am having lots of problems with the school and he often just refuses to go anyway.
at home he has limited interests and seems to want to watch youtube videos and fishing videos ( main hobby) all day long .
i am getting desperate and cant face the idea of the stress of school for another 2 years .
i am pretty sure that if i tried to HE in a way that was similar to school i would never get him to do it and he would then be stressed at home . As it stands he will probably leave school with few if any GCSEs

my question is what really counts as education ? i mean , ds2 dad works as a hgv driver and ds sometimes likes to go with him . he can already drive the forklift truck and load the wagon for him . does this count ? could he do that one day a week as erm...i dont know...geography grin or am i kidding myself ?
i really need a solution to the awful situation we are in at the moment sad

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