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jussi Thu 03-Oct-13 06:06:57

Please cound someone kindly guide me towards a website or tell me what I need to include in my de-registration letter.My son has a statement of SEN so is there anything else I need to do? He is in a m/s primary.
I would pull him out now but am waiting for his statement to be updated and want that finalised before I pull him out so we have it as a safety net should DS decide to go back to school.
Can I just also ask what would happen if I did pull him out before the statement was completed( already has one but is being amended as we moved boroughs). Would they still complete it?
Thanks a lot

jussi Thu 03-Oct-13 06:07:18


ommmward Thu 03-Oct-13 09:56:49


sample letters here

I'm not 100% sure what would happen about the statement - I know you can get them to put a statement in place ready for a child to go into school, so presumably the same can happen just in case as you are deregistering. Might be worth phoning the council and asking how it works.

If he goes back in school, he'll have probably changed in the time at home, and I think they revisit statements once a year anyway. So you might just need to go through the whole process again if and when he is going to go back into school. If he needs pulling out now, then I'd pull him out now, yk? Worry about the statement later.

jussi Thu 03-Oct-13 10:41:20

Thank you

julienoshoes Thu 03-Oct-13 13:02:15

If he has a statement, it is the duty of the LA to review it annually.
So it should be updated where ever he is.
You just send the normal dereg letter as he is in mainstream.

And it's worth noting (whatever the LA tell you) that you don't have to follow the statement. That is what the LA has to provide if he is in mainstream education. You only have to provide an education suitable to his age aptitude and ability, and his SEN.
How you do so, is up to you.
You don't have to attend the statement review either. They will invite you, but you can choose to send written info instead, if you would rather. You don't have to send samples of work, and your child doesn't have to meet with them either, if he and you don't want to.

FionaJNicholson Thu 03-Oct-13 17:49:06

What stage are you in the process of having the statement amended? It might be equally likely to drift whether he is in school or not, depending on how efficient your LA is. You'd likely want another review before he went into school anyway though, unless he were going to go back in almost immediately?

jussi Thu 03-Oct-13 19:25:45

They should be sending me the proposed statement this week (so they have been saying for the last 2 weeks). I was going to make amendments myself to send off but now we have decided to take DS out of school I think I will just agree to it, get it finalised so we have a statement. (although the placement will be wrong). Not really sure what I'm thinking they'll do if it hasn't been finalised beforehand.I guess I was thinking they may not bother updating it, although technically they would have to because we have moved borough and couldn't in effect have a statement from a different borough! Right?

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