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Books About Home Education (for Children)

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Scout19075 Wed 02-Oct-13 17:53:34

Does anyone know of any books about home education for children or books where the characters are home educated? Preferably for the younger set (so picture books or short chapter books). SmallBoy will be four at the end of the month. Several of his friends started Reception this year with the majority starting next school year. He doesn't talk about school, or ask about school, because it's just not part of our day/routine but school and nursery is mentioned everywhere -- out and about by little old ladies, in books, all over CBeebies, etc.. We do things with other home educating families so he knows there are other kids out there like him but they don't talk about school/not school, they just run around and play (the kids in nursery do sometimes mention it). I thought it would be nice, though, to add some books about it to his ever expanding library and maybe give him some information so he can speak up for himself when asked about school/nursery.

Saracen Thu 03-Oct-13 00:45:11

So, you are looking for some books which explicitly mention home education, as opposed to books set in worlds where school just doesn't exist? I can't think of many for young children.

Pippi Longstocking springs to mind. The episode in which she tries school is quite entertaining. She simply decides that she has better ways to spend her time.

Here's a nice picture book: When Edward starts nursery, everyone is very nice to him and there are fun things to do, but he just doesn't want to be there. So his parents take him out again, with the full support of the teacher. How refreshing. From an HE perspective, the only drawback is the implication that Edward will go to school later, "when he is ready".

In the Winnie-the-Pooh stories, Christopher Robin's home education is not much discussed. In one or two of the stories there are references to his recent sessions with a tutor for an hour or so at a time. However, the last story deals with his imminent departure from the Hundred Acre Wood to attend school. (The real CR Milne started at a local school aged eight and soon after that went off to boarding school.) There is a great sadness running through this story, despite Christopher Robin's enthusiasm about everything he expects to learn at school. If I remember right, when asked whether he'll be returning to see his old friends, he says something along the lines of "they don't let you play much" after you start school. I think the author really regarded school as the end of his son's childhood.

julienoshoes Thu 03-Oct-13 13:37:22

There are a couple I know of...and I have the details of one for you, and am wracking my brains for the other...
It may take a while, unless one of my FB HE friends comes up with the details before I do.

Until then here is the first:
"The Day Amala Didn't Start School"

Scout19075 Sun 06-Oct-13 09:36:46


I didn't realize about Christopher Robin. sad

The Amala books looks along the lines of what I'm thinking/after. I just know that as SB is preschool age and "should" start school in September I want him to know he's not alone and it's normal/okay to go, too. Right now nursery/school isn't discussed much because it isn't part of our routine but he/we are starting to get asked the question a lot and there's a lot of books and programs about school.

snappybadger Sun 06-Oct-13 22:37:43

It's not a book, but a film...I was watching A Dolphin's Tale on Friday night with my ds and the young girl in that is homeschooled (it's in the US) and then the young boy's mum pulls him out of school too! I was quite excited to see that in a film smile

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