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Monetessori home ed?

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mam29 Sat 22-Jun-13 16:25:02

Anyone used this method, priciples or materials for home ed?

Its just dd2 is 4 in september.
shes nearly completed a year at preschool but wouldent say shes had an amazing year most of year not wanting to go.
shes missed starting school this year by 16days and seems bit bored and wants to go same school as her sister.

I have started looking round at alternative preschools.
she does 1 day a week day nursery and enjoys that.
Her school application needs to be in by jan 15th.
But as eldest is in out catchment schools shes unlikly to get a place at eldests school or any of the others on list not to mention logistical nightmare.

so seriously considering home educating and wait list.

Been reading up online lots american stuff and lots montessori.
Its seems geared towards younger kids stuff at kids height, hands on seems perfect for her age.

So thinking should I start this september when shes 4? take her out preschool?she would still do nursery 1 day a week?

Anyone lese loosly home educating a preschooler?

Also if no reception class thinking rceptions just efys extension learning through play and reception be quite easy to teach.

There is movement at eldest school in years 1 and 2this year.

But have no idea how long be on wait list for?

she would also get grant funding until term after her 5th birthday so jan.

she does ballet and tap right now 45min a week.

was thinking adding drama, gym and her names down to start rainbows next september when shes 5 so guess she get socilasation then?

she has younger sibling 20months apart due to start school year after her,.

He will be eligible for grant next september so plan was 3days for him at preschool 3 days alone with mummy

My sons april so have no issue defering him its just fact she be 5 when shes meant to start and probably desperate to start school.

A few of my mfreinds who had aut babies say theres are now very restless in preschool.

We looked at flexi school /home educating eldest but as she was older we looked at other things as montessori seemed bit young see lots nurseries but very few montessori schools in uk.

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