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Home Education Open Evening Halesowen College Mon June 17th

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HerrenaHarridan Tue 11-Jun-13 20:45:28

That sounds great!

Pleased that the colleges are doing it.

It's a bit far in the future for dd16mo but I can't wait to hear about it smile

FionaJNicholson Mon 10-Jun-13 17:01:39

*Home Education Open Evening 14-16s
Halesowen College Monday June 17th 2013 6-8pm*

For local home educating families
Talk + Q&A
Opportunity for 1-to-1 discussions with college staff
Tours of the college

Halesowen is one of a number of colleges in England which is looking to provide relevant information for home educated 14-16s.

The plan is for me to go up there next Monday with julienoshoes

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