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Thinking ahead..

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Teacherandmum Tue 04-Jun-13 14:39:55

Hi all,
I'm a primary teacher and I've worked in special schools, an alternative indie school and state mainstream... I also met some home-educating families who joined in with the little indie school I worked at, for school trips.

My overall conclusion is that whilst most teachers are really trying their best, the current state system is so very far from what I would want for my children. In particular early testing and assessment (e.g. did you know that your child's results from the EYFS profile counts towards the schools funding!) and the short term nature rather than character/skill building. The pressure & paper work on teachers is unbelievable and that isn't healthy for them or the children.

DH and I are currently trying for our first child. He is going to be training to be a vicar in September (another scary story in itself!). The way the training system works is that you spend 3 years doing the academic training, move house and do 3 years of practical training, move house and get your own parish.

I'm a bit of a planner and it's occurred to me that during the practical bit (curacy) our child would most likely start school for 1-2 years and then have to leave. So I've been thinking about HE during this period (reception/years 1) and then reviewing it when we move house/area.

Qs: Has anyone started HE and then sent their child to school?
Has anyone boycotted testing at their child's school?
Any other words of wisdom?

Thank you!

exoticfruits Wed 12-Jun-13 08:10:34

And when I got there it was a good as I thought it would be- I was disappointed you couldn't go at weekends!

Teacherandmum Thu 13-Jun-13 15:43:41

Thanks for all the advice. Totally appreciate what many were saying regarding waiting until you know the personality/likes etc and your own reactions. I am definitely an over-planner!

However I am struggling to see with current education policy how a school environment could live up to a home environment, even with the best will in the world from the staff and a confident happy-go-lucky DC. Hmmmm... will wait and see.

I have a much younger sibling who I have been very involved in caring for/applying for schools etc, and find that quite difficult, even though she is super bright and the school is 'outstanding'. So I'm not sure that there has to be anything 'wrong' with school or your child having difficulties to feel they system as a whole isn't 'right'...

Disclaimer: these are just my musings and I know all parents do what's best for their child and are in no way to be taken as a criticism of anyone!

exoticfruits Thu 13-Jun-13 18:44:46

I'm sure that you will do what most parents do - which is the best for their child. However, they are all so different and you don't know what will be best yet. Good luck- hope all goes well.

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