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Deciding what toys and games actually help children learn about science and technology

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Francism Mon 27-May-13 10:08:19

Hi. Does anyone have trouble trying to pick the right games and toys that will actually be good for children in primary school to learn about technology and science? There is so much out there and the it is not cheap sot I was wondering how other parnets decide what to buy?

Saracen Mon 27-May-13 11:16:51

My kids play with stuff at friends' houses, home ed groups and science open days and museums to see what they like. If they absolutely love it then I might consider saving up for it even if it is expensive.

As you may know, home ed parents agree it's a bad idea to get carried away with spending money on things you aren't sure about. If you've spent money, then you feel you have to make your kids use the resources you've bought. That is a recipe for conflict and sucks all the joy out of learning.

I sometimes buy things that I want to play with, and then it doesn't matter if the kids don't engage with it because at least someone is having fun!! I've bought huge amounts of Geomag. I could play with it all day.

So I'd say, buy it if your kids are begging for it or if you yourself would make good use of it!

EauRouge Mon 27-May-13 11:26:54

Is there a local toy library or a play centre where you can try a few things out before you decide what to buy?

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