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School Refusal. Any ideas how I can support his education?

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Scottishdancer Mon 13-May-13 10:48:06

Ds age 10 year five. Is refusing to go to school at moment. He has severe dyslexia, Asd and sensory processing disorder and at the moment school is just too much. Does anyone have any suggestions as to work I can do with him while he is at home, and we try to get things back on an even keel?

ommmward Mon 13-May-13 11:46:19

I would be concentrating on everything but academics - helping HIM get on an even keel. So... Finding things to do that are genuinely fun and stimulating but not overwhelming for him. Soft play in school hours can be excellently quiet; play dates with preschoolers for confidence building; plenty of sunny park trips (a girl can dream); whatever cooking and kitchen chemistry he finds enjoyable. Baking, play dough, painting? Read to him as much as he wants, help him find cool games to play n the Internet. Back off from the whole dyslexia thing - help him access the written word through reading for him and scribing for him as much as. Wts and needs.

And my hat is thoroughly taken off to you for not forcing him into school when he has shown so clearly that he isn't coping.

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