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HELP! Story of the World lapbook link needed......

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ThreadWatcher Tue 14-May-13 11:56:35


ThreadWatcher Wed 08-May-13 17:53:01

I desperately (ok that might be an exaggeration!) need someone to assist me!

Ages ago we were chugging through STOW vol 1 and got a good way through a free lapbook that was available here at the time.
I had the zip file saved on my laptop all fine and good. I had printed up to chap 35.
A year later Im finally getting around to finishing it only to discover that I no longer have the zip file (old laptop died due to a virus) and the link on the blog no longer works.........


DD and I are seriously disappointed!

So if anyone happens to have it saved somewhere, could you possibly send it to me somehow....... Please!

smile hopefully hoping!

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