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melamine on walls as whiteboard

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hlore Sat 30-Mar-13 11:18:28

Am looking to make some walls into whiteboard walls, this whiteboard paint is expensive and I read on an American site that melamine paint could do the same trick. Anyone got experience with this? Ta

Tinuviel Sat 30-Mar-13 23:47:06

Can't help with the melamine paint but I saw a roll of whiteboards in Rymans which use static to stick. In the description it says you use them on a whiteboard stand but the packaging implies you can use them anywhere! It might be worth a look. Quite expensive but you might find other people who would be willing to share a pack with you.

stilllearnin Wed 03-Apr-13 22:20:49

I've used the static whiteboard paper. It's brilliant and sticks/ clings (but wrinkle free) to the walls of your house and wipes clean. Plus you can move it round the house. It is expensive - someone gave me some sheets when I was delivering training.

chickensaladagain Wed 03-Apr-13 22:25:17

don't use the paint!!!

unless your walls are completely flat and you get a completely smooth finish, it won't wipe clean and your walls will forever look grubby

Tinuviel Thu 04-Apr-13 21:30:16

Good to hear that the static whiteboard paper works - we're thinking of buying a roll between a few families so we can share the costs!

marissab Thu 18-Apr-13 15:50:18

We have melamine paint on our fire surround and a. It's horrid and drips loads and b. I think it would mark and not rub off easily. I wouldn't want a wall painted in it.

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