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FionaJNicholson Sat 23-Mar-13 18:45:33

There is a new Yahoo email support group for parents who are home educating their child who has Special Educational Needs, or who are thinking of doing so, linked to the website in Julie's post above

If you are on FaceBook, this page has a sister page there too:

julienoshoes Sat 23-Mar-13 15:23:57

itle: New website for home education and special needs

The new website is to be based on frequently asked questions on HE and SEN in England

These are the questions so far:

Home Educating A Child With Special Needs


Can we get a statement while we are still home educating?
If my child has a statement of SEN, what do we have to do before we can take him/her out of school?
Do we have to wait for someone to check up on us before we can start home educating a child with a statement of SEN?
What is a statement in lieu?
Does having a statement mean the LA has to provide services such as Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, or Speech and Language Therapy?
Does the statement need to be written in a particular way in order to get anything once the child is out of school?
Do we have to prove that the child's SEN cannot be met in school?
Does the statement have to be reviewed if a child is going to be home educated?
Should Part 4 of the statement be changed to say that my child is being educated at home?
Should we get Part 3 of the statement changed to take account of home education?
Does Part 3 or Part 4 have to be changed before we can get access to services or support (including eg speech therapy) once our child is home educated?
What could the SEN Tribunal do to help us?
What could the Ombudsman do to help us?
What could our MP do to help us?
Do we have to follow the programme set out in the statement?
Do we have to prove that we can meet all our child's special needs before we are allowed to home educate?
Will we have to find some way of ensuring that our child's special educational needs are fulfilled?
At the Annual Review do we have to prove that we are meeting our child's needs or that our child has made progress before we are allowed to continue home educating?
Do we have to meet someone for the Annual Statement Review?
How much paperwork do we have to provide for the Annual Statement Review?
Do we have to keep a careful record of the work we are doing for the local authority to look at?
Do we have to keep a file of evidence, including an education plan + samples of work, so that we can co-operate with any requests for information?
If the local authority is not satisfied that we are providing a suitable education, can they order us to send our child to school?
Can we ask for the statement to be ceased?
When taking a child out of special school, do we write to the local authority directly ourselves, or ask the school to pass on our request?
What is the benefit of having a statement when we are home educating?
Changes to the System: EHC Plans Instead of Statements

How is the statement system set to change?
When are the changes to statements due to come in?
Disability Living Allowance

Do we need a statement of SEN in order to get DLA?
What should we put on the DLA form where it asks about school?
Can we get any help with completing the DLA form?

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