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Where do you HE? What space in your house?

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marjproops Fri 08-Mar-13 20:49:41

We are underoccupying atm and ive been using the extra room as a classroom, all set up properly as a classroom, posters/charts on walls, a proper desk, shelves, the lot.

Now we have to downsize (bedroom tax) and wondering where Im going to put all our resources and do the HE.

Where/how do you?

purples Wed 13-Mar-13 10:41:26

Hi marjproops,

Not an easy situation for you, especially as your DC is autistic and likes stuff to be readily available. I imagine DC is very attached to many items and won't enjoy the whole upheaval. Although the transition to a new home will be difficult, I'm sure with your obviously excellent parental skills that DC will adjust well. It maybe a good opportunity to go through everything,and sort out what is important.

Depending on size of DCs bedroom, could you put a bookcase in there for some of the books etc, (storing heavy ones on the lower level, as don't want anything too heavy on upper shelves.) If money is an issue, try local papers for a cheap book case (or my local charity shop has a furniture section and they make deliveries for free; I know some people are sensitive about using Charity Shops, but they are excellent, its amazing what i have found there in the past.)

Maybe you could put a desk in DCs new bedroom? or do you want to keep the areas for work/play separate? Both my DDs have desks in bedrooms, (one desk is actually a dressing table but it fits the space), the desks have a little set of drawers which they love for their stationary etc.

You will need to be inventive about about storage, you mention the possibility of a garden shed, so I assume new place will at least have a garden. I have a garden storage box full of toys, balls, play tent, bottles of poster paint, craft material (chalk, sequins, buttons, pipecleaners etc). I store individual craft material in plastic boxes or ziploc plastic bags (so I can push the air out and seal the bag, it saves space) I then put these bags/boxes in a larger plastic crate which I can easily put in/out of garden store. As craft stuff is well wrapped, there hasn't been any problem with damp or mould.
It also is fun to use the garden for craft, then DC can make as much mess with paint and glue and you don't need to worry about carpet! Obviously not very practical to work outside in the winter, and last summer was pretty poor weather wise.

I use dining table for a lot of my DDs craft work, but it is a pain having to clear everything away, especially when they are the middle of a project.

Invest in a few large plastic boxes, keep a different coloured box for different activities, so DC will know where everything is, and then you can move boxes around the new house as needed. Buy the boxes before you move, then it will give you and DC a chance to sort out material, and may help DC adjust to new place better if they then already know where there things are.

marjproops Wed 13-Mar-13 21:31:19

streakybacon thanx, Ill tell DD you said that. Its so cute what she did.

Do any of you get comments when you are out and about with your DCs? as in 'hmm they are not at school'' know the judgy looks and whispers.

I must admit I do it myself sometimes, but try and think maybe theyre doing same as me or maybe they have inset day where they are...but yes the little 'truant' pixie sits on my shoulder whispering that too!!

do you ignore or what? if anyone asks, apart from wanting to say 'none of your beeswzx'' i just say 'shes home schooled and we choose our own hours' or something.

marjproops Wed 13-Mar-13 21:32:13

flip, must learn to proofread before sending! beeswax!!

marjproops Wed 13-Mar-13 21:40:40

purples thank you. very long and sweet post there.

You ALL do a good job here, quoting but MEANING pms thing, ''we're all in it together''...!! well done all the HE mums here!

Yes, DC's all over the place mentally atm, only managing about an hour or so, but we're still cramming a lot in.

we went to Hampton court palace yesterday for history lesson/day out/fresh air/change of scenery, and had a lovely time.

so we had a good morning cutting and glueing and reading and drawing Henry 8th stuff, (driving me mad singing ''divorced, beheaded and died''!!!).

Just have to see when and where we move to and cross that bridge...thing is BECAUSE shes autistic, i like to plan ahead somehow.

Id like to keep her next bedroom as a bedroom/play area but if needs be well work something out.depends on size of it.

purples Sat 16-Mar-13 12:19:11

As you say, you really need to plan ahead.
Just an idea, but as you seem to do some lovely day/field trips You could revisit a few places after you move, just to give a certain amount of familiarity and continuity of topics; might help reassure DD that not everything is changing.
Likewise, I'd try to take her to familiar places that she likes; library, local park etc I know when you are packing up /moving there is not alot of spare time, but the familiarity of going to places she likes may reassure her about her new home.(if you move too far then any park would do) Even if you do not think you are doing alot of actual "work" at the park, at least you know you are helping her with coordination, visual awareness etc, and most importantly just keep talking with her about what is around you and getting her to engage with her surroundings. If you need proof about these sort of activities for your LA, then just keep a diary (could use a word document then you can't lose the diary in the move!), write about what you did, what you talked about and you could even put in a few photos.
You said you wanted to keep her old work as proof of what you've done for the LA, to save space and the chances of it all getting destroyed during the move, have you thought of taking lots of photos?? Maybe keep just a couple of DDs favourite bits?

marjproops Sat 16-Mar-13 17:58:51

Good idea there, purples, yes im thinking of taking her to the natural history museum, she loves it there, and maybe the V & A while we are there. combine lessons with a day out as we did with Hampton court. and yes i always take lots of photos!

Its actually driving ME mad that everythings packed/all over the place.
the books and things ive packed ive marked the boxes as schoolwork so hopefully they'll be easy to find.

ill have to ask pwp if they know when the imminent visit is so i can explain properly.
Thanx again.

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