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starting reception at home

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Dillydollydaydream Tue 26-Feb-13 16:24:42

I'm watching the replies with interest. I'll be in a similar position with my dc when we move in a few weeks.
My dc are 3, 6 & 9. The 3 yr old is currently at nursery as he is an August born baby. He doesn't really enjoy nursery and is due to start school in September this year however, I know he doesn't legally need to go until he is 5 which will be September next year.

Saracen Tue 26-Feb-13 00:15:22

Hello and welcome! I think your idea is a good one.

Your daughter is unlikely to fall behind while not at school. Unless kept shut up in a cardboard box she will be learning from everything around her. However, if you think she will get a school place fairly soon and you are eager to ensure that she has certain specific skills such as reading which will be valued at school, you could just spend a bit of time with her every day working on those skills. It really doesn't have to be much time at all, because the benefit of one-to-one attention is so great.

With all the rest of your time, you can just carry on with the things you have been doing. Play, talk, go out, share stories together. If you think your dd would enjoy having some friends to play with, you could either pursue friendships with neighbour children outside of school hours or else see if there is a home ed group you could go along to - or do both.

As for "meant to be in school" - your dd will reach compulsory education age in the term AFTER her fifth birthday, so that will be January. On a practical level that doesn't really need to make much difference to you. If you want to do some formal work with your daughter, then of course you can start with that whenever you think she is ready. You don't have to wait until January. If you think she learns better through play, that too is a recognised educational method and you can carry on with it after January. The date has legal significance but from an educational point of view it's an arbitrary date, so don't worry about it!

havingamadmoment Mon 25-Feb-13 21:01:45

Hi I just posted on chat about problems with moving house and school places and someone suggest I pop over here.

the short version we are moving and there is likely to be difficulty getting a school place nearby. Our two oldest I think will be more likely to get a place somewhere even if not together (they are 8 and 6) but our 4 year old who is in nursery now has missed the window to apply in the new area so will just end up wherever there is a spare place.

I was seriously thinking of keeping her home and starting reception at home with her as I wouldnt want to move her again when a place came up nearer the house. I was just looking for advice and wondering if anyone thought that it was a terrible idea/ wonderful idea.

I actually really considered it with my first dc but just before she turned 4 dh and I started a business so it wasn't practical. I have recently stopped working in that business (we employed someone else to do my job finally) so I am at home again with the children.

The house we are moving to has a spare room downstairs which we could use for schooly things if that would be best. I also have two younger children who are 2 and 1 so im not sure how that would fit in.

Basically I have no idea where to start. My dd can already do basic things like count and write her name but thats pretty much it so I just dont want her to fall behind while she has no place. SHe is 5 almost straight away after the start of the new school year so I think that means she is meant to be in school. I have been looking online for advice on what she is supposed to be learning when she is in reception but there is so much conflicting advice I just end up more confused than when I started!

Sorry if this is confusing I am not really sure what I am asking just feeling a bit lost with it all!.

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