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Teaching maths and my dyslexic dd - help

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hamstered Fri 04-Jan-13 00:17:48

I will be deregistering my daughter this Term due to various issues that her school wasn't dealing with. She struggled with maths until the school subscribed to the myMath online program which saw her excel to the top of her class. I wanted to buy the service to tutor her at home but they only offer to schools and it is not available for HE...
I've tried googling similar things but haven't really come up with anything.
I'm really worried about what and how to teach her maths and am wondering what other people have tried. She loves maths at the moment and am hoping my fears are not going to change that.
I can't really afford a tutor or I would have gone for that option.
Any advice or pointers would be really helpful......

noblegiraffe Fri 04-Jan-13 00:45:05

I think you can buy a subscription to the mathletics website as a home educator, which I believe is similar to mymaths; although I've never used it I've seen people on here talk about it positively.

<cough> in the meantime you still know the school's mymaths password.

jomidmum Fri 04-Jan-13 10:11:01

My daughter has dyslexia which hugely affects her understanding of numbers, time, etc. I found that Carol Vordermanns techniques have really helped her. She did the summer school online on Maths Factor and really understood it. I'm about to sign her up for the times table section and we've been working through Carol V's timetables book together too.
We also use the Conquer Maths site and DD is now working through the correct year group material for her age and doing really well. Her confidence in her abilities has grown hugely.
In our experience, the current methods used in many schools (chunking, numberlines, etc) she just did not understand, but the more "old fashioned" methods of columns etc has really helped her.

ToffeeWhirl Fri 04-Jan-13 15:13:04

We have tried MathsWhizz, which both my boys liked for a while, then got bored with. DS1 (13) still likes MangaHigh, which you can join as a home educator - and it's free.

ToffeeWhirl Fri 04-Jan-13 15:16:23

I emailed MangaHigh a while ago to ask how I could join as a home educator. Here is the reply:

You can set up a home school if you would like. Simply go to the Mangahigh home page, enter the name of your home school (anything you like really), click register and then you can just register yourself as a home school (there is no difference from a proper school account), with yourself as the teacher. Then you can add your son as a student on your account so you can track his progress and set challenges, etc.

A guide to getting started with all this can be found here:


hamstered Sat 05-Jan-13 05:26:06

Wow it's been really hectic here, my DD Is finding it really hard to relax and everything at the moment is haywire. Thanks so much for your ideas and pointers :-)
Lol noblegiraffe that's true but we are not studying anything at the moment as she just needs to get over what happened at school. I have a feeing once we do get our heads down they might have changed it....
joemidmum we used carol vorderman for timestables too, the little bits of info for each section really helped her grasp it. I'm going to check out conquer too!
Wow toffeewhirl mangahigh is free???? Gosh I have to get on there. Thanks for all the instructions :-) you are always a source of help here.

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