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LA requesting meeting

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Mama6 Thu 03-Jan-13 10:24:19

Hi, my daughter who's almost 15, has been at home now just over a month(inc Christmas hols) I've had letter from the LA stating they are coming out to assess my provision next week or I can provide evidence, I've asked what they will accept as evidence and have had no reply.

She currently has 4 classes out of home, two sports training sessions, 1 music lesson and 3 igcse which we plan to start next week as we've had the past month since leaving quite laid back and relaxed. Could anyone please advise what sort of thing to send, she is planning on applying to college in September with the new guidelines from the government so she's really only going to be at home for 6mths or so.

Thanks in advance

Helen x

EauRouge Thu 03-Jan-13 13:20:23

From what I understand, you don't have to send anything or meet with them if you don't want to. Have they said why they want evidence?

Jamillalliamilli Thu 03-Jan-13 14:33:11

Generally they're just fulfilling their remit to ensure the parent's thought about it and not just removed the child from school to solve a school issue and doing nothing.

Don't be unnerved by the word 'evidence' a letter is evidence.

You don't have to do any proving of anything unless they suggest you aren't making provision, and some will feel you shouldn't entertain the request, but if you want to, the way to satisfy them in your situation, is send an 'plan,' of what your provision will be in letter form.

Stating (should you choose) that you've chosen to take a break for the transition from one kind of education to another, (add blurb about learning to self motivate rather than only showing up to be spoon fed/receive provision if you choose) and Christmas holidays, so it is early days in terms of shaping final provision, but: DD is currently engaged in whatever the four classes are, the sport, and music, and will be starting Y subjects (the 3 Igcse's) in 2nd (or whichever) week of Jan.

Then add whatever less/un structured provision you have going on, ie; organisational skills, researching college, life skills (cooking, banking etc) anime, ict art, film appreciation, or whatever else you/she does as part and parcel of unstructured education.

Add: provision may be subject to change in order to meet any changing or additional needs if or when they arise, in your own words.

If you want to chuck in a basic ed philosophy (children learn best when self motivated, tailored to their needs, etc, or whatever you believe) and a list of all the resources you know exist as 'a selection of possible resources available', you'll knock their tick boxes socks off.

FionaJNicholson Mon 07-Jan-13 15:24:51

If you are cancelling their appointment you need to be sure that they've got the message. I would put the evidence question on one side and just keep saying that you would prefer not to have a home visit. I'd also try (easier said than done) not to read too much into the use of words like assess and evidence. LAs send these things out without thinking too much and you have to meet them over and over and say the same thing ad infinitum before they agree to change anything, because they can't see that it's a big deal, or they haven't got time to think about it.

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