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BitofSparklingPerry Thu 13-Dec-12 10:18:01

It depends on age. Education City has science activities, as well as the other subjects.

BlueElephant90 Wed 12-Dec-12 12:49:48

I have just logged in after few days! Thank you so much for the info, I'll check them out right away.

DartmoorMama Tue 11-Dec-12 13:05:09

There are a lot of American resources. Here is a link here to a big list.

It is split up by world view and there is masses on there.

homemumboys Tue 11-Dec-12 08:17:49

there isnt anything that good that I know of, but have you seen brain pop (fantastic resource), bbc class clips (select key stage and topic area), bbc bitesize (less useful but there are a few video and interactive clip). Daydream education sell interactive charts, they give a 50% discount to home educators.

BlueElephant90 Thu 06-Dec-12 22:56:58

Thank you so much, I'll look into it.
Any more tips? very much appreciated!

jomidmum Thu 06-Dec-12 15:43:56

We don't follow the national curriculum in science (as Conquer Maths does), but use the Happy Scientist website. We follow his experiments and get the science photo etc each week and base a lot of our science around his resources.
We bring science into the general topics we follow: eg Guy Fawkes, we did history, art, music, based around it and the science was Happy Scientist material on fireworks. Solar system we looked at so many different things (history, art, classical music, literacy,) and the science again we did HS material.
We also dip in and out of Richard Hammond material.
Don't know if that helps at all!

BlueElephant90 Thu 06-Dec-12 12:04:39

I am looking for the equivalent of Conquer Maths in sciences. I know that Home educators are highly resourceful, would care to share please. Thank you.

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