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WALKTHROUGH for Welsh Consultation: Closes THIS FRIDAY

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FionaJNicholson Wed 21-Nov-12 08:24:15

I'm still working on my consultation response. The draft is on my website here and the consultation closes this Friday November 23rd.

Please tell other people who might not see this post on Mumsnet, especially on the Welsh lists and on Facebook (I'm not a member of either)

*This is what the government is proposing for home educators in Wales:

The parent will have to apply to the council for permission to home educate
The application process will involve interviews with the parent and the child
The parent will have to satisfy the council that education is "suitable"
"Suitable education" is to be redefined in law*

These are the sub-headings of my draft response
(shorter link )

Home Educators Report That The Council Ignores Them
Why The Government Should Heed Bridgend
Plan B: Use Existing Powers To Develop Statutory Guidance Best Practice LAs
Current Government Guidelines Advocate Building Positive Relationships
Current Government Guidelines Already Set Out Enforcement Procedures
Current Government Guidelines Already Set Out Child Protection Procedures
Current Government Guidelines Already Allow For Diversity Home Education Provision
Subjective Nature of Inadequate Information
New Definition of Suitable Education
Disproportionate Impact On Home Educated Children With Additional Needs
Tackle Issue Of School Exclusions Where Children Have Additional Needs
Criticism Of Ambiguous/Misleading Phrasing
Discrepancy Between Local Authority Reports And Home Educators' Experience
Lack Of Transparency Over Compulsory Access To Home
Lack Of Adherence To Current Government Guidelines
Sue Mitchell's Research
Attempt To Minimise Far-reaching Grounds For Refusing/Revoking Registration
Current Government Guidelines: Enforcement/Welfare/Safeguarding
Waiting To Be Granted Permission To Home Educate
Flawed Consultation Process: Government Did Not Ask Local Authorities To Circulate Information To Stakeholders
Children's Version Of Consultation Paperwork Is Highly Misleading
National Behaviour and Attendance Review
Child's Right To Education: School Exclusions
Children Missing Education

I've got a walkthrough here for anyone wanting to tackle the consultation but who is feeling over-faced by the amount of information to be processed at this late stage

Essentially what I'm recommending is that you look at the questions separately from the Government's actual consultation response form because it's much easier to see what's going on, and to make your notes, and you can always paste your answers back into the official form at the end.


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