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Home Ed When Pregnant/New Baby

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FirstWeTakeManhattan Sun 18-Nov-12 14:38:34

We've just made the decision to home ed our little ones (5 and 3) from the NY; when I got a positive hometest yesterday. We're thrilled to bits, but what about home ed? My initial thought was 'oh no, now we can't do it' swiftly followed by 'it's even more important that we do it' (not sure why it felt 'more' important, it just did).

Seriously, for those of you who have done it/started with home ed, would I be taking on too much, trying to home ed two young children with a new baby? I'm a SAHM with no family around here, but a supportive DH.

I'd love to hear your views!

SDeuchars Sun 18-Nov-12 15:28:20

Many people do it. You presumably have 7 months or so to get used to HEing before the baby arrives? At 5 and 3, HE can consist simply of living life, so the baby just becomes part of that. I'm not sure how structured you expect your home education to be but, particularly in the early days with the baby, don't beat yourself up about not doing an awful lot. It's a good time to snuggle up together, read, watch DVDs etc.

lilyfire Sun 18-Nov-12 23:40:50

I know lots of home edders who have had babies while home edding -families of 4 -5 and more. When I first started home edding my 4 yo I had a 2 yo and a baby a few months old. It was v nice not to have to start every day trying to get everyone dressed and out in time for the start of the school day. We played at home a lot and went out to home ed groups, where the baby could get passed around a bit and toddler could play with other little siblings. I think the little ones got loads out of home edding when they were tiny. Babies nap and so there's time for more individual stuff with the older ones. I second SDeuchars in maybe not expecting to do too much formal stuff.

Saracen Mon 19-Nov-12 01:54:19

I felt that the benefits of HE were particularly great when I had a new baby, because my older child got more of my time and attention than she would have had if she'd been at school. Here's a quote from my blog, about the effect on my older child. She was OK with her baby sister, despite having been intensely jealous and worried before the birth:

"Perhaps having access to her mum for many hours of every day meant that though the baby demanded the lion's share of my attention, the leftover scraps of attention still added up to plenty of sustenance for The Kid. After all, she was home to take advantage of the baby's long contented mornings and peaceful midday naps - and not, like schoolchildren, home only to suffer the mad morning rush and the evening "witching hour" with a grizzly baby and a family all tired, hungry and short-tempered."

Besides, I'm rather in awe of parents who manage to get to the school gate on time twice a day - three times if you have a preschooler at half-day nursery - with a young baby in tow. I imagine it would be very stressful. Judging from what I see outside my door every morning, many families do find it stressful. I think I read the results of a poll by a national newspaper which indicated that parents rate the school run as the most stressful thing in their day. Because of course it isn't just the walking-to-school, it's everything that has to be done leading up to it: ensuring that little people are out of bed, fed, brushed, and dressed in correct uniform to an inflexible schedule no matter how tired or grumpy they may be. Having the freedom to allow them to do these things in their own time eliminates many battles.

lilvixen Tue 20-Nov-12 16:03:29

Hi OP! I'd just like to say I am in a very similar situation to you! I am mum to three children aged six, four and one and we made the decision to HE when our eldest was five (and had spent one term in reception) and baby was just twelve weeks!

The other posters have provided some brilliant advice which I can only agree with. Every day I am so so glad we made the decision when I see my children so happy and thriving (oh and also when I hear the steam coming out of my school-run mum friends ;-) )

Don't let having a baby put you off because you think it'll be just too much, on the contrary with a family as young as yours, you can all grow into HE together. Given time, you'll wonder what you ere worrying about :-) x

take3 Wed 21-Nov-12 20:06:12

Hi, I am too am in this situation - we have 3 children in key stage one and nursery and am expecting another in the spring. People keep asking me if we will home educate and I answer... "I'm sure if a class teacher of 30 children was given the option of swapping 27 children for a new born baby, or continuing with 30, she/he would choose the former"
You will be fine - just try to think outside the 'school hours' thing. 30 minutes of structure is more than enough age 5 and if you want to do more then once the baby has day time naps, it will be fine to cease those moments.
I have an activity box - different 'educational' activities that my youngerst can choose from when I am busy.

BadlyWrittenPoem Wed 28-Nov-12 11:11:44

I should think you'll be fine. I was pregnant for most of the nursery/reception year of my 5yo (and very ill/in bed a lot of that time) and I managed it. Baby is now four months and doesn't hamper HE at all. My daughter is now a fairly advanced reader so I give her loads of books to read and do the direct teaching as and when. I think you just develop a routine/way of doing it that fits in with your life.

chocolateicecream Wed 28-Nov-12 17:56:31

Hi and congratulations on your new pregnancy.

I am home edding my Dd's, 7 and 3. I am expecting another baby in the new year. Some of the many positives I can think of as a result of our ed. arrangement include; not having to get up so early and be ready to leave the house for the school run, home edding is so flexible, cosy snugly family days, no worries about separation because I am not shipping my dd away five days a week.

The sling will be the usual Godsend.

The thought of a new baby in the family often brings new anxieties for many parents no matter what the set up. You have only just found out that you are pregnant and will have plenty of time to adapt. Like other posters say, you will have been home edding for several months before the baby arrives.

Do you go to any HE groups, it might be worth chatting to other parents in RL who have experienced a new baby?

twinklesparkles Mon 03-Dec-12 18:12:50

Hi firstwetakemanhattan

I'm in a very similar situation myself I have a 5 year old ds who I would like to start home ed with soon and am 22 weeks pregnant smile

Do your dc already attend a school/preschool? smile

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