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mebaasmum Thu 15-Nov-12 17:06:17

Ds1 currently attends a special needs boarding school. We have just leart he may not get funding to remain their for 6th form. He is very immature.I just can't see our local colleges working. Currently he is a class of 4.
I was wondering if doing something like inter high to brush up. His gcse,s for year..+ maybe some voluntary work and local clubs as a social thing might help prepare him for college the year after

SDeuchars Thu 15-Nov-12 17:22:10

Just a word of warning, for Child Benefit to continue over 16 for a home ed young person, the home ed must have started before 16.

It's a bit difficult to comment without knowing a bit more about him. What sort of SN does he have? Does he have any GCSEs yet and how do the school expect him to do in them? What does he plan to do after college (e.g. will he be able to live independently and work)?

mebaasmum Thu 15-Nov-12 17:41:17

Thanks for replying. He is partially sighted and has Aspergers. He is on track to get 6 c,s at gcse which would get him onto an a level course at his school. Not at our local colleges. Emotionally he is about 11or 12. Hopeless at planning for himself. Sensitive to disruption. I get the idea a lot of people get funding for sixth form to learn independant living skills but he has always been pretty good at this. He needed lots of OT as a youngster and we found cooking to be the way to get him to use his hands

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